Want a heads up before you attend a gathering for the first time?

Here's what to expect:

  1. A friendly environment with welcoming people, so feel free to come as you are.
  2. Gatherings start at 10am and end at 11am. Make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes early so you can check in your children and enjoy some water or coffee.  
  3. Informal attire 
  4. Modern worship music by a live band. 
  5. A worship experience designed just for kids called KidzTown. 
  6. Relevant teachings based on the Bible. 
  7. No one will single you out during the gathering. 
  8. A place to hang out and grab some refreshments after the gathering.
  9. We ask that you fill a Connect Card with your information so we can follow up with you and guide you as you become a part of our community.  
  10. An offering is taken every gathering. As a guest, do not feel obligated to give. 
  11. Traducción al Español disponible.



Parking is free. You can park in the back parking lot. If you are in need of handicapped parking and it's not available at the time please let one of our team members know and they will help facilitate a spot.




Once you enter you will find a place to enjoy some coffee or water. You can pick up one of our bulletins, or chat with one of our Connect Team members who will be glad to give you a tour of the venue and show you around. 




KidzTown is our children's ministry. Before the service you can check in your little ones by heading to the KidzTown area. If it's your first time our team members will get your information (to identify you when you pick up your children) and they will guide your kids to their classroom. You are welcome to check out the areas with your children. Every KidzTown teacher is required to have a background check for the safety of your family.



Worship & Teaching

Once you do enter the auditorium feel free to sit anywhere. We begin the gathering with music from our Worship Team. You may see people raising their hands or singing out loud as they engage. We encourage you to engage as you please, you can stand or sit down. Don't worry about not knowing the songs, we show the lyrics on the screen. The teaching will last approximately 35 minutes.